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The recent sizzling temperatures have left many of us wondering what to cook in a heatwave as we stare into our open fridges, enjoying the momentary blast of cold air. It has been hot (too hot, maybe?) but it has also been the perfect opportunity to dine al fresco.

So, in anticipation of more sunny weather to come, set your table and parasol outside and read on to find out how to serve up a delicious al fresco feast with the minimum effort.

Firstly, keep it fast and simple. When it’s hot outside, it is even hotter in the kitchen, so it’s best to minimise your time spent there. Choose cuts that cook fast in a griddle pan or under a grill, like steak, pork or lamb chops.

Depending on how you like to cook your steak, an 8oz Ribeye steak, for example, will take 7-9 minutes if you want to eat it medium rare to medium. Team with salad and air-fried fries for a larger meal or make a succulent steak sandwich as a lighter option. As an alternative to steak, grilled or barbecued lamb or pork chops work well.

Think outside of the box by ‘roasting’ a Lakings gammon joint in the slow cooker while you go about your day. Once cooked, serve hot with new potatoes and coleslaw for an easy-peasy, stressless meal – and minimal time spent in that hot kitchen. Plus, you can make sandwiches with any leftovers the next day.

For a succulent chop, a lamb cut that delivers the best of two worlds, the Barnsley chop is a cross-section from the whole saddle, meaning you get tenderloin and fillet meat in one go. This substantial chop from our grass-fed herb, is full of flavour, having the bone-in and healthy slithers of fay. Cook in a griddle pan so the naturally sweet fat renders down with the heat, enhancing the taste of this old-fashioned cut.

We offer an extensive range of quality meat and delicatessen products from our ‘pantry’, perfect for putting on a ‘no-cook’ spread. Whether you fancy having a ‘picky tea’ or are catering for a more formal garden party, we can supply everything you need. Choose from sliced honey or roast ham, haslet – either whole or ready-sliced, ham and tomato quiche, Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, a range of Lincolnshire cheeses and pickles and our traditional Lincolnshire Chine – tasty collars of bacon, hand-sliced and stuffed with parsley.

From sizzling steak strips, served with noodles to Italian-inspired Chicken Parmigiana or maybe a simple plate of Chicken Skewers marinated in a sticky sauce, our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker has plenty of delicious quick meal ideas that are ready in under 30 minutes.

Sliced ham with mustard, haslet and brown sauce, roast Herb-Fed chicken with mayo and sweetcorn, the variations are limited only by your imagination. Bring out big bowls of ‘posh’ crisps and napkins for an impromptu picnic in the garden (with the added bonus of very little washing up to do afterwards).

The go-to al fresco option when most people think of dining outdoors, we are rightly proud of our fantastic selection of ethically-produced, Lincolnshire-sourced barbecue range. Choose from burger packs, a variety of ready-to-cook kebabs, pork ribs, beef brisket, grill steaks and our family barbecue packs that include pork and apple, lamb and mint as well as traditional beef burgers, Lincolnshire sausages and more.

Available in both our Louth shop and available to order online for UK next-day delivery via DPD, all you need to do is fire up the coals!

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