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If you’ve visited us before, or shopped online, you should know by now – we love our bacon. There’s nothing quite like it is there? We are of course talking about the humble bacon sandwich – crispy back bacon, fluffy fresh bread, a dollop of your sauce of choice. Nom.

Celebrated on September 2 every year, International Bacon Day is the perfect excuse to pay homage to all things bacon.

Inherent to cooking across so many cultures, bacon is simply pork meat cured with salt, followed by drying or smoking. Thousands of years ago, salted pork used to be served in ancient China, and curing pork became a practice that spread to the Roman Empire and present-day Europe.

Whether you’re a lover of the rasher, back bacon or one of the more unusual bacon cuts such as the middle cut, bacon in all of its glorious forms always has a spot on our fridge. A welcome addition to so many dishes in the kitchen – a crispy topping for a summer salad, a smokey jacket for a succulent chicken breast, a salty slice in pasta or soup dishes – the unique palette bacon adds elevates almost every go-to meal you turn to week-in-week-out.

The best cut

We like to keep things traditional at Lakings, that means you’ll find Back Bacon, Streaky Bacon and Middle Bacon on our counter. All from locally reared pigs that get to forage in the lovely Lincolnshire Wolds, you can’t beat the taste.

Smoked or not?

Smoked bacon – with bold, smoky flavours, smoked bacon is firmer, drier, richer in flavour and packs a punch.

Unsmoked – with a pure, natural taste, unsmoked bacon is endlessly versatile. Juicy and tender, it’s a subtle addition to meals or sandwiches.

Happy pigs

For more than a century, Lakings itself has been handed down from generation to generation, each new custodian subtly making their own mark, all the while preserving everything that Lakings has stood for since 1908 – quality, traditional food, served every day. And of course, that goes for our pigs too.

Sourced by Lakings purely from one Lincolnshire farmer, our pork is guaranteed to not only be British, but yellow belly.

Coming from a highly innovative and state-of-the-art Red Tractor farm, welfare standards are rigorously upheld, while the pigs themselves are fed on feed grown and milled specifically for them on-site. A touch which provides them with a diet designed to produce the best in flavour and texture.

Find out all about our pork products.

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