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Get ready for the year’s first annual celebration – Burn’s night

Comfort food is the seasonal choice when it comes to suppers that will get us through the winter months. Not to mention lift our spirits until the nights become lighter and the seasons change.

After New Year’s Eve, a (possibly slightly fuzzy) New Year’s Day and the first two weeks of January – which have brought us rain clouds as well as the usual reasons to get active again. It’s time for the first annual and hard-earned foodie celebration – Burn’s Night.

A night that takes place on January 25th every year in honour of the noteworthy Scottish poet (or ‘Bard’) Robert Burns this is a much-loved opportunity to celebrate – at home or in your favourite spot – with irresistible traditional Scottish dishes sure to warm your heart and your stomach!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Burn’s Night without Haggis now, would it? Scotland’s national dish, Haggis sits at the heart of any Burn’s Night spread, usually served alongside ‘neeps and tatties’ aka swede mashed with potatoes. A dish that we’d argue has risen in popularity once again over recent years.

This simple dish is the epitome of comfort food and full of flavour, with the rich spices of the Haggis pudding complimenting the creamy root veg mash – you can even throw in a shot of whiskey for good measure (if you’re not taking part in Dry January of course!)

To make hosting your own Burn’s Night supper as easy as possible, we’ve enlisted the help of an award-winning product – Lancashire Haggis! Lighter in texture and more delicately seasoned than others, fresh minced lamb and beef heart are combined with oatmeal and sautéed onions to create this tempting dish. Available in a variety of sizes ready for your celebration for a Burn’s Night feast, let Lakings take the hassle out of Haggis from £7.50.

If you want to be a little more adventurous, Balmoral Chicken is another fitting main dish to grace the centre of your Burn’s Night dinner table. Consisting of chicken stuffed with Haggis served with lashings of creamy whiskey-laced sauce and seasonal vegetables.

While Haggis is the go-to for many, it can provoke a Marmite response shall we say? If you love it, you love it but hate it, well let’s just say that Burn’s Night can seem like a chore rather than a celebration. But fear not, we’ve got plenty of where Balmoral Chicken came from… Here at Lakings, we can supply you with something succulent for supper. Something that suits your taste buds whatever you decide to rustle up. Why not try using minced beef for a texture similar to Haggis but with a more familiar taste? A great alternative, it’s sure to be a firm family favourite for those with a more delicate palate.

Why not banish the January blues and enjoy a truly Scottish celebration and a feast with friends and family, a dram (or two!) of whiskey on the side and perhaps even a little poetry from the ‘Bard’ himself, you know, to really immerse yourself in this tradition to celebrate the true spirit of Scotland!

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