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British Beef is renowned for its quality and sustainability credentials, so the timing of this year’s Great British Beef Week (GBBW) couldn’t be better.

Kicking off on April 23rd, which is also St George’s Day, and just ahead of the King’s Coronation on May 6th, GBBW is an opportunity to encourage families to celebrate by enjoying their favourite cut of beef – whether that be a Sunday roast or an easy mid-week meal.

Now in its 13th year, Great British Beef Week (GBBW) is the brainchild of Ladies in Beef, a voluntary organisation of female beef farmers founded by Devon beef producer Jilly Greed and NFU President Minette Batters.

As British farmers strive to become net zero by 2040, Minette said: “We have the credentials to be world leaders in sustainable red meat production – to set the global standard for high welfare, climate-friendly beef and help build the British food brand, which is founded on these values, across the world.

“British farmers already have the ambition to become net zero by 2040 and our beef production is already incredibly sustainable, with greenhouse gas emissions from UK beef already less than half the global average.”

Producing beef in the most sustainable way

The theme of this year’s campaign is environmental sustainability, which is once again supported and underpinned by evidence and data from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). With GBBW highlighting how British beef farmers work tirelessly to produce some of the most sustainable beef in the world, Lakings is proud to say that all of our fresh red meat produce is sourced from Lincolnshire farms.

Playing our part

We are continuously working with our hand-selected farmers, and on our farm, factory and abattoir for that matter, to introduce as many green energy systems as possible.

But so much of the work to reduce our impact on the environment, reconnect with nature and the countryside, comes down to how we all operate on a consumer level too. We are very passionate about working with farmers who also understand and support the ‘eat better, eat less’ ethos.

Sustainability, for us, comes down to the accountability and provenance of food, understanding it and how far your impact as a consumer reaches.

Choosing to spend a bit more on quality produce, less often and realising what that spend contributes to – better animal welfare and environment management – not only makes for informed consumer choices, it is vital for the sustainability of the farming industry as a whole.

Lincoln Red heifers

When it comes to beef, for Lakings it has to be John Needham’s farm at Gayton-Le-Wold – just four or five miles out of town.

Rough-grazing, in a traditional environment, John only uses Lincoln Red heifers, bred with a Charolais bull – which Lakings knows results in the perfect produce. All the marbling and flavour the Lincoln Red is known for, with the texture and depth of the Charolais. The benefits of heritage lines and breed characteristics offer a superior product without the traits that often divide consumer taste.

Spotlight on beef

From the ultimate roast dinner to the finest cuts of steak, beef is one of the most versatile of our products. We believe Lakings beef is superior to the offering you’ll find in the supermarkets. From brisket to Chateaubriand, read about our extensive beef range, available to order online, or collect from our Louth shop.

Look for the Red Tractor logo

The Red Tractor logo is a simple way to recognise quality British produce that’s not only good for you but good for Britain. Red Tractor makes sure that food is traceable, safe and farmed with care – so everyone can feel confident and good about their choices when shopping and eating out.

The Red Tractor mark is only found on food and drinks that are sourced from UK farms and have been checked from farm to pack.

By looking for the Red Tractor, you are choosing food you can trust, as well as helping to provide support and security for British farmers and food producers.

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