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…Without Setting Foot On A Plane

It’s holiday season! But as thousands, tens of thousands even, flock to far-flung destinations, we know an easy way that you can have your cake and eat it too – and without setting foot in an airport.

For us, so much of what makes a holiday memorable is the food… would you expect anything else? No matter where in the world your favourite holiday destination is, we know the unique flavours, ingredients and social aspects that come with dining abroad will factor into why you love it so much.

From the pizzas of Italy and the paella of Spain to the smokey meats and sumptuous sides that America is known for and the stunning seafood that you can tuck into around the Med, every destination has its own palette of flavours and its own traditional dishes to share.

If you don’t fancy jetting off this year, are keeping an eye on your household budget or simply are trying to be more environmentally friendly and not clock up so many air miles, we can bring flavours from around the world into your kitchen – thanks to the creative mind of our ambassador chef, Rosie Dicker.

A Taste from the East

Giving one of the nation’s favourite Chinese takeaway orders a twist is Rosie’s Marmalade and Lemon Chinese Chicken. A clever little recipe, perfect for utilising some key ingredients most of us always have in the store cupboard and putting the humble chicken thigh centre stage, Rosie says the key to this dish is in the basting and sprinkling on that additional little topping right at the end.

Make it a little bit Moroccan

Pomegranate, quince, pork – what a combination! Pork is renowned for taking on flavour well, so in opting for pork fillet in this dish you not only get a healthy meal but one that packs a punch in the flavour department too. The addition of pomegranate molasses to the marinade for this dish really makes it, in Rosie’s opinion. Essentially pomegranate juice that has been reduced and sweetened, it is tangy, sweet, and sour and great to use in both sweet and savoury dishes. We’d recommend finishing this over coals to get a sticky char.

Satisfying Stateside-style Ribs

An ultimate comfort food in my book slow-cooked short ribs never fail to satisfy. The perfect recipe to include in your next barbecue spread, this is such an easy one to master. Marinade, slow-cook and enjoy. One that you can serve no matter the weather… although, with all this sun we think you’d be missing a trick to not finish these on the grill for an extra smoky flavour.

Indulge in some Spice

If there was a cut of meat made for barbecuing it is the butterflied leg of lamb, served with Rosie’s harissa yoghurt. The addition of this spiced yoghurt really cuts through the richness of the lamb, with the pomegranate adding a pop of sweetness. When you pop into Lakings for your lamb or order online, make sure you ask for it to be butterflied – unless you are confident doing that yourself.

A sweet side

This is the perfect sauce to serve with slow-cooked or any barbecued meat dish for that matter, give Rosie’s apricot barbecue sauce a try. If kept in the fridge, this will keep for up to 3 months. If you’d prefer a smoother sauce, simply run the sauce through a sieve after the total cooking time.

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