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Quality Lincolnshire Meat

Founding Values,

Age-Old Farming Traditions

For more than a century, Lakings itself has been handed down from generation-to-generation, each new custodian subtly making their own mark, all the while preserving everything that Lakings has stood for since 1908 – quality, traditional food, served every day.

Locally sourced, quality, ethical meat

Our founding values have always been upheld, age old traditions and skills passed down. And, along with tradition, there too has come innovation. A way of working with local farmers to rear quality, ethical meat, that has seen the Lakings legacy continued.

Lakings has always been the beating heart of a community which is, predominantly, a farming one. It stands proud in a town where people still shop at the butcher, the baker and the greengrocer. Provenance and accountability matter to us, which is why we know they matter to you.

Championing Lincolnshire produce, through and through

We work almost exclusively with Lincolnshire farmers to supply all of our butchery counter. Keeping our suppliers as close to home as possible allows us to not only showcase the phenomenal food being produced in Lincolnshire, but also approach farming with sound ethics and a true sense of responsibility and honesty in mind.

Local, traceable, accountable

The demand for ethically reared meat is only increasing, accountability is vital and a traditional approach to farming, with the right amount of innovation, is key. We are truly proud to say that is a combination our farmers are committed to. Moving towards the notion that buying better produce but less of it, is the way to maintain a healthy and happy environment and farm, our offering makes sure you know exactly where, and who, your produce is coming from.

Free Next-Day Delivery On Orders Over £50*

*Applies to orders placed before 2pm, Monday - Thursday. Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Orders placed on Friday can be also be delivered next-day (Saturday) but are subject to a £9.95 fee.

Award-winning, pedigree sheep

Andrew and family also run a small, farm nearby, where a flock of pedigree sheep happily live their lives. Under the watchful eye of one of Andrew’s brothers, a mix of Beltex, Badger Face Texel, Rouge and Blue Du Maine roam freely outdoors, nibbling on the lush vegetation the Wolds farm has in abundance. All quality breeds, they have been chosen to bring lamb-lovers the best in flavour, succulence and eating quality.

While the family farm isn’t big enough to completely fill Lakings butchery, two local farmers – Paul Tuplin and Martin Clough at Beverley Pastures – fill the void. Situated in the Spilsby area, both farmers use the family abattoir, while their traditional approach to farming ensures a happy animal and delicious, resulting produce. Both farmers buy their tups from Andrew’s family farm too, so the lineage and therefore quality can be traced from flock to flock.

Lincoln Red heifers

When it comes to beef, for Lakings it has to be John Needham’s farm at Gayton-Le-Wold – just four or five miles out of town. Entirely grass-fed, John’s cattle never leave the farm until its final journey, again to Andrew’s family abattoir.

Rough grazing, in a totally traditional environment, John only uses Lincoln Red heifers, bred with a continental bull – which Lakings knows results in the perfect produce. All the marbling and flavour the Lincoln Red is known for, with the texture and depth of the continental. The benefits of both heritage lines and breed characteristics, without the traits that can often divide consumer taste.

Herb fed chickens

They may not be sourced from a farm nestled in the glorious Lincolnshire landscape, but Lakings’ Herb Fed chicken is worth the journey from York – just for their story alone.

Founded by Edward Wilkinson, Herb Fed is the result of wanting to produce a ‘bird with taste’. It’s as simple as that. Edward left London and being a chartered surveyor, swapping it instead for York. With farming in his blood, Edward travelled up the country to develop his own business. The thing that’s different about Edward’s chickens is that their diet includes ten different kinds of herbs – a by-product of the farm next door, his Aunt’s herb company – Herb Unlimited.

Enriching the bird’s diet with herbs gives them a distinct flavour, but it is Edward’s dedication to welfare standards – meaning they stay on the farm, in the sunshine and open air for 6-8 weeks longer than your average bird – which changes not only the size of Edward’s chickens we are able to sell on our butchery but the texture too. There is a bite to this chicken which you just don’t get elsewhere.

Lincolnshire Pigs

Sourced by Lakings purely from one Lincolnshire farmer, our pork is guaranteed to not only be British, but yellow belly.

Coming from a highly innovative and state-of-the-art Red Tractor farm, welfare standards are rigorously upheld, while the pigs themselves are fed on feed grown and milled specifically for them on-site. A touch which provides them with a diet designed to produce the best in flavour and texture.

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