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With the summer months warming up nicely and barbecue season in full swing we know one of the main staples of a successful barbecue is a sizzling Lincolnshire sausage. Yet not all sausages are created equal.

One of the county’s most popular meat exports, Lincolnshire sausages are traditionally made with coarsely chopped pork, breadcrumbs, sage, salt and pepper. Lakings Lincolnshire sausages are produced in our Louth shop using pork from a Red Tractor farm based in the Lincolnshire Wolds which has the highest animal welfare standards.

The pigs are fed on specially-milled feed, produced just for them on-site to produce an incredible flavour. It is this meat that goes into our sausages. To be classed as a sausage and not a ‘banger’ – our sausages must contain a minimum of 70 per cent meat.

Lincolnshire sausages must also be a certain size – we like to think of them as ‘chunky’. And, unlike the Cumberland sausage, which is traditionally very long, up to 50 centimetres, and sold rolled in a flat, circular coil, our Lincolnshire sausages are sold in links, with between 10-12 sausages per 1kg weight.

We also sell Lincolnshire chipolatas (typically 24-26 per 1kg), making them perfect for buffets and party food. And, if you want to make fantastic stuffing to accompany your roast, your own patties, or meatballs, you can buy our sausage meat, also made from our traditional recipe, in 1lb sleeves.

Not only are Lincolnshire sausages popular in their home county, but foodies across the nation also can’t get enough of them, as is reflected in the five-star reviews left by happy customers on TrustPilot. Without a doubt, one of our best-selling products, be it barbecue season or the depths of winter – we understand why the iconic Lincolnshire Sausage has a special place in many people’s hearts.

Sausage facts

Recipes for this meaty dish can be traced back to at least 1886. That would mean sausages have been enjoyed across the British Isles for more than 135 years.

Sausages around the world

Here in the UK, we tend to prefer our sausages fresh, rather than the dried or cured varieties like the pepperoni or salami versions eaten in Europe.

7 British sausage varieties

There are hundreds of variations of sausages produced in the UK. Still, at least seven varieties could be considered distinct to the areas where they are from – notably the Yorkshire sausage, Oxford sausage, Suffolk sausage, Marylebone sausage, Gloucester sausage, Cumberland sausage and of course, the Lincolnshire sausage.

Save Our Sausage campaign

In 2006, the Lincolnshire Sausage Association was formed comprising Lincolnshire farmers, butchers and food producers, amidst concerns the food market was being flooded with inferior products made with a lower meat content and synthetic additives.

The association wanted to protect the reputation of the traditional Lincolnshire Sausage. It launched a bid for the county’s famed sausage to be awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Status – the same status foods such as Stilton Cheese, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, Cornish Clotted Cream and Jersey Royal Potatoes have. Sadly,  in 2012, DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) turned down the application, despite fierce campaigning.

Where does the name ‘banger’ come from?

If you’re wondering where the phrase ‘banger’ comes from, according to the online encyclopaedia – the term ‘banger’ originated during the First World War. Meat shortages meant sausages were often produced with bulking agents such as water. When the sausages were heated in a frying pan or oven, the water mixed with the fat in the meat, which meant they were extremely prone to exploding!

Cooking with sausages

Sausages are one of the most popular and versatile products we sell. Perfect for making hot dogs, serving with mash and greens, a teatime treat with freshly made chips and a fried egg, or an essential addition to a Sunday brunch with bacon, beans, hash browns and lashing of brown sauce.

Our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker also recommends using Lakings sausages in a classic dish – Lincolnshire Toad in the Wolds: Yorkshire pudding batter baked in the oven with our chunky sausages bursting with flavour, served with onion gravy – absolutely delicious!

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