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It’s pretty hard to avoid recent headlines about the rising cost of living – the pounds in people’s pockets aren’t going as far as they used to. And rising food prices are part of that squeeze on personal finances. But we understand that compromising on quality isn’t an option for our customers.

This is why we promise to deliver the best of British produce, sourced locally and ethically by working with Lincolnshire farmers to supply all of our butchery counter. Keeping our suppliers as close to home as possible allows us to not only showcase the phenomenal food being produced in the county but also approach farming with sound ethics and a true sense of responsibility and honesty in mind.

You can count on us to help your hard-earned pennies go further. We are always happy to advise on best value cuts of meat and our website offers meal inspiration that won’t break the bank from our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker.

Take Belly Pork, for example. A really rich, soft, tender cut that will yield crackling to die for! Roast whole or cut into strips and prepare to be wowed. The tasty seams of fat add so much favour and juiciness, there is no wonder this great value cut is back in favour. Packed with flavour, plump for our chunks of prime pork for classic dishes such as goulash and other casseroles, with its rustic, old-fashioned flavour in every juicy bite.

Chicken is another versatile option for families on a budget. Chicken wings can be marinated in a sweet chilli or barbecue sauce and served with roasted corn on the cob, potato wedges and salad for a healthy meal option. Rosie has created a delicious one-pot recipe for you to try using warming harissa.  Or use chicken thighs in a hearty casserole and serve with buttery mash and vegetables.

The smart shopper knows a whole grain fed chicken can feed a family in several different ways for several days. Roast a chicken for dinner, make sandwiches for lunch and boil the carcass to make a hearty broth. One bird, three ways.

And don’t think that beef and lamb are expensive options. We don’t think you should compromise on quality when it comes to beef offcuts. Our beef mince is made from the finest beef chuck and promises to turn everyday meals such as Cottage Pie, Spaghetti Bolognese, and Chilli Con Carne into true showstoppers. If you fancy a stir-fry or curry, try our beef strips for the absolute best in flavour and quality. And our brisket joint is perfect in the slow cooker or braised on the barbecue, served with a brioche roll and spicy rocket leaves.

Lamb mince is often a much-underrated alternative to mince beef or pork. This frugal option is packed full of flavour – making even the most basic mid-week meal spectacular. Try making lamb and mint koftas and serve with pickles and flatbread.

Whichever of the suggestions featured here sound tempting, quality is our byword, so even our cheapest cuts offer superior flavour and best of all, we guarantee our produce is the best of British meat.

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