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Just like Christmas, Easter feasts often leave us with a bounty of leftovers.

With a bit of creativity, any delicious cold cuts can be transformed into delicious meals that give the original holiday spread a run for its money.

Our butcher’s counter has only the finest local grass-fed lamb, Lincoln Red beef, and delicious Lincolnshire Pork. Meanwhile, our herb-fed chickens come from a Yorkshire farm, where the birds are fed fresh herbs to enhance their flavour.

So, after selecting and cooking your Easter centrepiece, rest assured that your leftover roast lamb, beef, pork, or chicken can be easily repurposed into mouth-watering dishes that will have your family clamouring for seconds.

And, if you’re clever at meal planning, not a scrap will go to waste.

Leftover Roast Lamb: Persian Lamb Tagine

If you opted for traditional roast lamb, why not try making Persian Lamb Tagine served with Couscous?

After indulging in a succulent roast lamb joint for Easter dinner, transform the remaining meat into a vibrant Moroccan-inspired dish. Chef Rosie Dicker’s Persian Lamb Tagine mixes a tantalising blend of flavours that breathes new life into your leftovers.

Made using ginger and turmeric, this aromatic dish showcases the tender roast lamb in a new light, with rich spices and fluffy couscous creating a hearty and satisfying meal.

Leftover Roast Beef: Black Bean Chilli Con Carne

Leftover roast beef lends itself beautifully to a quick and flavorful chilli, perfect for a fuss-free dinner or lunch option. Chef Rosie’s Black Bean Chilli Con Carne is a nutritious and satisfying way to use up your Easter leftovers, you’ll just need to mince the beef by pulsing it in a food processor (or you can chop it up really fine).

Leftover Roast Herb Fed Chicken: Chicken and Cranberry Pilaf

Created with Christmas in mind, Rosie’s original recipe uses turkey, but you can easily swap that out for leftover chicken, and instead of cranberries, try peas instead. Rosie says her pilaf recipe is one of THE best ways to utilise those gorgeous cold cuts and once you’ve tried it, this dish will likely become a mid-week favourite.

Leftover Roast Pork: Dan-Dan Noodles

A tasty yet quick meal to throw together, this Dan-Dan Noodles stir fry recipe uses minced pork and hits the spot when you need something satisfying to eat and quick sharp!

Rosie says once you’ve mastered the recipe play around with different types of noodles – there are so many to try which cater to different dietary requirements, too.

Fuelling Little Ones’ fun this Easter and beyond

Once the holiday weekend is over, the Easter holidays will stretch out ahead of us, so catering to children’s appetites with delicious yet quick meals is key.

When you choose Lakings, you are not only buying British quality meat, but you are also supporting a small business and Lincolnshire farmers.

So, cooking with our quality meats ensures both flavour and nutrition in every dish, while mindful consumers can keep an eye on the sustainability and provenance of each bite.

The meal inspirations below not only make feeding children a breeze during the Easter break but will ensure they enjoy wholesome, flavourful dishes any time of the year.

Days out

For picnics, whip up cooked ham and cheese pinwheel sandwiches or pre-cook chicken skewers and chicken thighs to make tasty wraps. Add in some carrot and cucumber sticks for crunch, and fruit skewers for a sweet touch to keep hunger pangs at bay when out and about.

Fakeaway burgers

For an easy meal at home, rustle up some mini beef burgers using Lakings’ minced beef, served with oven-baked sweet potato fries for a healthier twist.

Hearty family dish

Alternatively, make a hearty Shepherd’s Pie using Lakings’ minced lamb, loaded with veggies and topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

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