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Four reasons to celebrate National Barbecue Month this May 

After what seems like the longest winter, we’re ready to feel the sunshine on our faces and, with an almost back-to-back run of long weekends in May, we’re equally excited by the thought of firing up the barbecue. 

This year in the UK, we will enjoy not two but three May Bank Holidays – the first of which falls on Monday, May 1. Then, as the nation gets ready to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III over the weekend of May 6-8, many folks will no doubt be planning to cook on coals. 

Finally, as the children break up, we are treated to Whitsun week, starting on Monday, May 29. 

And, while not technically a holiday, a celebratory vibe always fills the air when the Eurovision Song Contest hits our screens, what with fans of the event planning to party with a beer and burger. The Grand Final takes place on Saturday, May 13 when viewers can tune in to BBC One from 9pm to watch the show, live from Liverpool. 

With so many reasons to get together, it’s no wonder May has been designated National Barbecue Month! So, gather your family, friends and neighbours and prepare for a summer of al fresco dining with Lakings. 

The guide below details best-practice barbecuing tips, recipe ideas and products from our delicious barbecue range with the quality and sustainability our customers trust. 

So, let’s get hot and smoky! 

Choosing meat to barbecue

Our extensive and delicious barbecue range includes all the family favourites – from sausages to burgers, kebabs, steaks to spare ribs and beef brisket to cook low and slow. And don’t forget our Family Barbecue Pack offers all your favourites for just £57.99 (and that includes free delivery to anywhere in the UK).

Handmade burgers for the barbecue

Handmade by our butchers and available as a pack of 12 which includes two Steak Burgers, two Pepper Steak Burgers, two Pork and Apple Burgers and two Lamb and Mint Burgers, each weighing in at a juicy 170g.

Traditional Lincolnshire Sausages

Our Lincolnshire Sausages are made to a traditional recipe using the finest Lincolnshire pork and our special blend of herbs and spices. They also happen to make THE ultimate hot dog!

Perfecting your barbecue technique

You’ve chosen your incredible Lakings produce, now you need to cook it. Here are our top tips.

  1. For the classic smoky flavour – choose lump wood charcoal.
  2. If you’re buying a new barbecue – make sure it has a lid.
  3. Heat – if you can’t stand close enough to the barbecue to turn your Lincolnshire sausages over, then it is too fierce. As a heat guide – if you can hold your hand 12cms (5″) above the coals for six seconds, that’s considered low heat, four seconds is medium heat and two seconds is really hot.
  4. Choose the right meat for the desired end result. A cut like brisket needs to be cooked low and slow by indirect heat (wrapped in foil and inside a heat-conducting dish). Whereas lean steak or chicken kebabs can be cooked faster with more heat.
  5. Avoid overcrowding the griddle, as this prevents the heat of the coals from circulating around the food.
  6. Safety first – always have a water spray handy to dampen any flames that get a little fierce, or even better, a fire blanket!
  7. No pink bits – make sure burgers, sausages, chicken, turkey, and pork are thoroughly cooked – use a meat thermometer if you’re not 100 per cent confident. The only exception to the ‘no pink’ rule is lamb joints and cutlets and beef joints and steaks, which can be eaten ‘pink’ or rare so long as they are cooked on the outside – unless you’re expecting. The NHS website advises not to eat undercooked or raw meat during pregnancy.

Barbecue recipe inspiration to impress your guests

Show off your barbecuing prowess by serving a mouthwatering dish alongside classics like burgers and sausages. Lakings ambassador chef Rosie Dicker has created an easy Slow Cooked Beef Ribs recipe using just three key ingredients – red wine, soy sauce and garlic to make a deliciously sweet and sticky marinade. Rosie says: “To take this dish to the next level, place the ribs on your BBQ to add an extra smoky flavour.”

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