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Good intentions start with good food choices

Step into the New Year with a heart full of good intentions and a fridge full of Lakings goodness to match.

As 2024 begins, you may be thinking of taking a more mindful to approach your dietary choices and hoping to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

When you buy meat from a traditional butcher like Lakings, you’re not only supporting British farmers but also making informed choices around the ethical and environmental impact of your dietary preferences.

You can also rest assured of the quality and sustainability of our products. Always fresh and always British, our meat is sourced from local farms in the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds, close to our base in the market town of Louth. This means our meat is produced sustainably as we constantly work towards reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Nutrition matters

According to nutritionists, high-quality meats are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. These nutrients play a crucial role in supporting overall health, aiding muscle development and recovery after exercise and maintaining a strong immune system.

In addition to being nutrient-dense, healthy meats contribute to weight management, too. Protein, a key component of meat, has been shown to increase feelings of fullness, reducing the likelihood of overeating and supporting weight loss or maintenance goals.

Choosing lean cuts from Lakings offers the benefits of eating protein without excess saturated fat, promoting a heart-healthy diet.

Let’s take a closer look at our range:

Herb-Fed chicken

Full of taste and reared on a farm in Yorkshire under the highest welfare standards, the birds are fed on a diet that includes ten varieties of fresh herbs. Lean and flavoursome, these whole birds make a fabulous roast dinner.

Lincolnshire beef

Rough grazing, in a traditional environment, the farmer we source our beef from only uses Lincoln Red heifers bred with a continental bull – which results in the perfect produce. With five types of joints on offer from brisket to prime sirloin, rib of beef, silverside and topside, when eaten in moderation, beef can provide an essential source of iron (and did we mention it tastes fantastic?).

Lincolnshire grass-fed lamb

We offer an array of delicious lamb products – think chops, mince and of course, the centrepiece of any Sunday dinner table – a wonderful crown of lamb. Or why not try the foodies’ choice of lamb roast, a boned and rolled shoulder? Pop it in the oven and forget about it for hours. We love roasting ours with lemon and thyme for a spectacularly tasty family dinner full of flavour.

Lincolnshire pork

Sourced by Lakings purely from one Lincolnshire farmer, our pork is guaranteed to be British. Coming from a highly innovative and state-of-the-art Red Tractor farm, welfare standards are rigorously upheld, while the pigs are fed on feed grown and milled on-site. Choose from chops to traditional pork joints – Belly Pork, Shoulder of Pork and Pork Loin, as well as mince, strips and diced pork for creating healthy stir fries and casseroles.

Recipe inspiration

Stocking up on healthy options like our whole Herb-Fed chicken, as well as iron-rich cuts of prime Lincolnshire beef, grass-fed lamb and Red Tractor Lincolnshire pork will not only have a positive impact on your overall well-being, but it can also take the stress out of meal planning.

If you’re looking for dining inspiration, check out our selection of recipes created by Lakings’ ambassador chef Rosie Dicker.

From a hearty traditional Lancashire hotpot made with diced lamb and potatoes to a tasty, yet quick bowl of Dan Dan noodles using minced pork, we have meal suggestions to suit every occasion, budget and dietary requirement.

Whether visiting our online butcher shop and using our temperature-controlled delivery service, or calling into our Louth store, our incredible product range gives you the option to customise your meals according to your nutritional requirements and taste preferences, making the journey towards a healthier lifestyle in 2024 more enjoyable and sustainable.

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