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National Picnic Week returns this June

From 17th-25th, National Picnic Week is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors to embrace that good old-fashioned British pastime. Whether you choose a beach, forest, National Trust site, local park, or even your garden, the key to a successful picnic lies in the planning.

All you need is tasty food, refreshing drinks, and a comfortable place to sit.

And we’re here to ensure you have a fun, stress-free and sustainably-minded outdoor feast.

Here at Lakings, we are renowned for our ethically sourced British meats and selection of gourmet products. Based in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, our delicious, locally sourced items can turn any picnic into a memorable feast.

Whether it’s succulent sausages, premium cuts of meat, or artisanal snacks, Lakings Butchers has everything you need to elevate your picnic experience.

Picnic Food Ideas from Lakings Pantry

Sandwich inspiration using your Sunday roast leftovers

If you’re planning to make sandwiches for your picnic, remember you can use leftovers from your Sunday Roast – succulent grain-fed chicken, tender beef and Lincolnshire pork all work well between a thick-sliced bloomer, or crusty Tiger bread – perfect if you want to picnic on a budget.

Classic sandwich recipes include: The BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato); Chicken Club Sandwich; Chicken, Sweetcorn, Mayo; Ham and mustard; Lincolnshire Haslet and pickle; Ham and egg salad; Roast beef and horseradish.

Picnic food with a barbecue twist

Lakings barbecue selection works well for picnics, too. Mix things up by making Spicy Chicken wraps, cook kebabs on skewers ahead of time, or roast Chinese Plum Pork Spare ribs for a delicious, hearty dish.

Or, why not make our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker’s zingy summer Marmalade and Lemon Chinese-style Chicken the night before and serve cold with a side salad?

Essential picnic items

You have your hamper packed with delicious treats, here are a few essentials to make sure your picnic is a success.

Picnic blanket, or chairs

  • Cooler – to keep your carefully prepared dishes fresh and stop them from spoiling.
  • Bottle opener and cutlery, serving spoons
  • Condiments – don’t forget those little extras like mustard, mayo and ketchup.
  • Napkins and baby wipes – great for mopping up mess
  • First aid kit – it’s always handy to have the basics on hand, like plasters, anti-bacterial wipes and bite and sting cream in case the bugs find you.
  • Rubbish bag – if you’re out and about, follow the Countryside Code and ‘leave no trace’ by taking all of your rubbish home or bagging it up and disposing of it in the appropriate bins.

A perfect picnic is more than just good food and company. It’s about appreciating nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

National Picnic Week, celebrated for more than a decade, is the perfect opportunity to enjoy fresh air in the countryside, at the seaside, in your local park, or even in your garden.

To get involved, plan a picnic with friends and loved ones, try new Lakings recipes, or participate in community events.

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