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Soak up the spirit of the season with Lakings

We’re in high spirits and ready to enjoy some delicious Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations this year.

We know plenty of tricks so you can treat your family and friends using Lakings’ ethically produced, sustainable and 100% British meat.

Hosting a Halloween party is the perfect opportunity to get creative, so let your imagination run a little wild and have some fun.

Youngsters will love tucking into Lakings Lincolnshire chipolatas turned into ‘zombie fingers’, or use our sausage meat to create a spider-shaped body, with sausages for legs.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not freak out younger guests, our delicious beef burgers or pork and apple burgers are real crowd pleasers. Serve with a dollop of tomato relish or Mrs Darlington’s Spicy Tomato and Sticky Onion Chutney from our pantry. Hot dogs made with Lakings Lincolnshire sausages will also keep rumbling tummies from going bump in the night.

For a hands-off approach, cook up a tasty cauldron of spicy chilli con carne using Lakings beef mince and top with plenty of grated cheese, sour cream, and nachos for scooping.

Bonfire Night celebrations require a selection of finger foods you can hold and eat as fireworks fill the night sky.

Cook our ready-made kebabs in a range of tempting flavours from Chicken Indian Mystery to Beef and Halloumi to serve alongside hot dogs and burgers.

If you’re thinking of cooking outside (and why not? Barbecuing all year round is the latest trend), take the low and slow approach and serve deliciously tender beef brisket or pulled pork in a bread roll, with stuffing and apple sauce.

Or, you might want to spice things up with a curry. We shared some of our favourite recipe ideas for National Curry Week and we think they’ll work equally well as a winter warmer on Bonfire Night, too!

With so many frighteningly good ideas, all you need now is a spooky costume and a selection of fireworks to make your Halloween and Bonfire Night events go off with a bang!

The slow cooker is your best friend

As the temperature dips, now is the perfect time to dig out your slow cooker. From stews to curries to chicken fajitas, there’s not much you can’t make in a crockpot.

Use Lakings braising steak to make a hearty, satisfying stew. Simply braise 400-500g of beef, adding a little plain flour which will help to thicken the stock. Add chopped carrots, swede, onions, and leeks, in fact, most vegetables will work. Transfer to your slow cooker pour over the beef stock and leave to bubble during the day. Serve with mash or traditional dumplings for a hearty evening meal.

You can easily swap the beef for chicken thighs, chorizo and tinned tomatoes to make warming Spanish Chicken.

Visit our recipe section for more inspiration from our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker.

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