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We all have our favourite cuts of meat and for the latest in our recent ‘Spotlight on…’ series, we’ve arguably saved the best for last – this time we’re talking all things Lincolnshire beef.

From the ultimate roast dinner to the finest cuts of steak, beef is one of the most versatile of our products. We believe Lakings beef is superior to the offering you’ll find in the supermarkets.

Sustainably farmed and ethically reared in the Lincolnshire Wolds, our beef comes from John Needham’s farm at Gayton-Le-Wold, roughly five miles outside the market town of Louth.

Rough grazing, in a traditional environment, John only uses Lincoln Red heifers, bred with a continental bull – a pairing which results in the perfect produce. All the marbling and flavour of the Lincoln Red, with the texture and depth of the continental.

British beef at its finest, the only question is which cut to order from our extensive range. Firstly, let’s look at creating the perfect Sunday roast.

Brisket | As we head into autumn and the colder months of winter, comfort foods like slow-cooked brisket come into their own. Boasting intense marbling which delivers a real depth of flavour, the ribbons of fat throughout brisket will render down during slow cooking. Pull it apart for ultimate comfort food satisfaction. (For those already dreaming of summer, this cut works equally well on the barbecue).

Rib of Beef | Dubbed the ‘showstopper of cuts’, a rib of beef is something to behold. A full-flavoured product, rib of beef is so impressive, it deserves to be carved at the table. Perfect for large get-togethers (Boxing Day feast, anyone?), we pride ourselves on our beef ribs – they are exceptionally well butchered with more meat than you’ll find on most joints.

Silverside | An old-fashioned, inexpensive joint, perfect for lazy Sunday roasting, silverside is a versatile cut full of flavour. Our silversides are tied by hand for easy carving and a pleasing presentation. The perfect option for a meal for two, with plenty of meat left over to make incredible sandwiches.

Sirloin | A classic boneless roast that strikes the ideal balance of tenderness and flavour. Sirloin is ideal when you need a foolproof and reliable joint to quietly impress your guests.

Topside | If you are looking for versatility, opt for lean topside. This cut comes with a natural layer of fat which self-bastes during roasting. A staple in any fridge, thinly sliced topside can also be used as minute steaks for flash frying.

Burgers | We can’t talk about beef without mentioning burgers – the two go hand-in-hand like, well, burgers and bread buns. Our patties, made using offcuts from our steaks and roasting joints, fly out of our butchery during barbecue season but nothing is stopping you from enjoying them at any time of the year.

Slabs | Finally, the foodie’s favourite – steaks. From rare to well-done, served with peppercorn sauce or ketchup, a recent survey revealed we are a nation of steak lovers. Our steaks are prepared by our expert team of butchers, so discerning diners can choose from:

Chateaubriand | The only luxury roasting, the chateaubriand steak is delicate in flavour and will guarantee a very tender eating experience. A great cut to use for Beef Wellington, cook your chateaubriand medium-rare to rare to ensure a flavourful finish.

Fillet steak | Our fillet steaks are cut from the centre of the fillet, so you get the absolute best. Fine marbling gives it a richer flavour than most other steaks, so it’s the perfect treat when you fancy something special.

Rib Eye Steak | Generously marbled, our traditionally matured rib eye steaks are bursting with the mellow flavour you’d expect from prime rib. Juicy and succulent when cooked.

Rump Steak | Sometimes called a full-face rump, rump steaks are made up of two muscles connected by a thin layer of sinew. We recommend cooking our delicious rump medium-rare if pan-frying.

Sirloin Steak | A real people-pleaser, sirloin is one of the most flavoursome steaks and almost as tender as fillet, too. Sirloin can always be relied on to please everyone.

We also sell the fridge staples of beef mince, lean beef strips and diced beef perfect for making mince and gravy with dumplings, a healthy beef stir fry or a warming casserole. When it comes to being versatile, we’re not sure if anything beats beef!

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