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When it comes to cooking and eating meat, we can all extol the virtues of our personal favourites when choosing from the four main staples of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Each offers unique flavours, textures, cooking techniques and recipe opportunities as well as nutritional benefits.

We will be focussing on the ‘fantastic four’ mentioned above over the coming weeks and we’re kicking off the first of our ‘spotlight on…’ series with one of the most versatile products from our butchery – pork.

Sourced entirely from one Lincolnshire farmer, our pork is guaranteed to be British. Animal welfare is something we take into consideration at all times and our pigs come from a highly innovative and state-of-the-art Red Tractor farm where welfare standards are rigorously upheld.

The pigs enjoy a diet of feed grown and milled specifically for them on-site, which produces meat rich in flavour and with a good texture. When you choose our pork you can be assured of its quality, provenance and sustainability from ethically reared animals.

We offer a wide range of pork cuts to select from:

Lincolnshire sausages | One of our best-selling products, our sausages made to a traditional recipe using coarsely chopped pork, breadcrumbs, sage, salt and pepper.

Pork chops | An iconic cut. Our Lincolnshire pork chops provide the perfect juicy bite, cooking them on the bone adds delicious savoury and depth to the flavour.

Belly of pork | Fans of crackling prepare to be wowed. This rich, soft, tender cut will yield crackling to die for! The tasty seams of fat add so much flavour and juiciness, that there is no wonder this great value cut is back in favour.

Boneless loin of pork | Our loin of pork is prepared using the traditional whole rib. For the ultimate roast, it has a good, natural covering of fat on the outside, making it easy to carve with a full and rich flavour.

Shoulder of pork joint | Richly marbled pork shoulder gives a succulent, flavoursome roast with a satisfying ‘bite’. The tiny seams of fat and silver skin render down to give fabulous flavour.

Pork fillet | One for foodies, delicious and tender pork fillet is the only cut of pork that you can enjoy cooked up to medium.

Pork and apple burgers | The apple brings a sweet tang to these patties, offering an alternative to the traditional beef burger. Our rustic pork and apple burgers are a great addition to your barbecue offering or for a simple dinner.

Other pork cuts | In our Louth store, and if shopping online, you will also find pork loin steaks, pork mince, diced pork and strips of pork, pigs in blankets, pigs fry as well as both unsmoked and smoked gammon joints.

Bacon | We offer dry cured back bacon – full of flavour and sliced just right for a sandwich – we opt for smoked back bacon for the full ‘cured’ taste. And if you are a bacon aficionado you may well want to take note of when National Bacon Lovers Day falls.

National Bacon Lovers Day – August 20, 2022

Fans of sizzling bacon rashers unite across the UK (sometimes in person but mostly via social media) for one day every August. Originating in the USA and adopted by British bacon lovers, as the name suggests, National Bacon Lovers Day is a celebration of all things bacon.

The Chinese have been credited with cooking the first salted pork bellies more than 3,000 years ago.

As people began to traverse the globe, bacon eventually migrated to the West. From the Romans who boiled salted pork with figs to Anglo Saxons who cooked with bacon fat, to pigs being transported to the New World by Spanish explorers, bacon has been on the menu for several millennia.

From the best ways to cook it, to sharing recipes the national event is best described as an outpouring of affection for one of the oldest ‘processed’ (as in cured) foods in the world.

To join in, order your Lakings bacon and share your bacon creations using the hashtag #BaconLoversDay

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