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Let’s take the new year slow…

As January ushers in a fresh start and messages around the benefits of healthier living abound, what better way to kick off the year than by embracing the simplicity, convenience and healthy options offered by the slow cooking method?

It’s time to celebrate Slow Cooker Month and dust off your trusty appliance to create some delicious meals using a range of products from Lakings’ meat counter.

As winter takes hold, there’s something inherently comforting about a warm, hearty meal simmering away for hours. The slow cooking process allows flavours to meld and intensify, transforming even the simplest ingredients into a taste sensation.

Now, imagine infusing your slow-cooked creations with the premium meat offerings from Lakings.

Known for our commitment to quality and butchery craftsmanship, almost all of our products are sourced from hand-picked local farmers, close to our Lincolnshire Wolds business.

Whether it’s succulent cuts of Lincoln Red beef, tender grass-fed lamb, Lincolnshire pork, or flavourful herb-fed free-range chicken, we provide the perfect foundation for slow cooker masterpieces.

One of the main advantages of using a slow cooker is the hands-off approach it offers. As you embark on Slow Cooker Month, consider the time-saving benefits of preparing your meals in the morning (or the night before) and leaving the ingredients to infuse to slow-cooked perfection.

It’s such an easy option, whether you work from home, or leave the house during the day.

Using the slow cooker is also a way for busy parents to free up some precious time as the school runs start up again after the Christmas break – no need to cook when the kids get back from school, just serve up their favourite recipe straight from the crock pot.

And on the subject of recipes, there are plenty to try.

Slow Cooker Recipe inspiration

Why not try a pot roast infused with Lakings’ premium beef, tenderised to perfection as it simmers in a savoury blend of herbs and spices throughout the day?

Or, for a robust and hearty stew, our selection of grass-fed lamb adds a rich depth of flavour.

You could plump for a Persian Lamb Tagine, as created by our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker. It is both hearty and warming and uses the vibrant spices of turmeric and ginger.

Or create a classic Lancashire hotpot – imagine chunks of succulent lamb slowly cooking alongside seasonal vegetables like carrots and swede, topped with a crispy potato lid (you’ll need to finish it off in the oven), creating a mouth-watering dish that warms the soul.

You can even cheat, if you don’t have all the spices in your cupboard by selecting our Slow & Steamy Moroccan Style Tagine Gourmet Sauce Mix and adding 1kg of diced lamb.

For those seeking a lighter option, Lakings’ poultry provides a versatile foundation for slow cooker magic. From chicken thighs and chicken breasts to grain-fed whole birds, the slow cooker effortlessly transforms lean protein into moist, flavourful delights. Think delicately flavoured Coq au Vin Blanc with buttery mushrooms or a warmly spiced chicken fajita mix, wrapped in a warm tortilla and topped with cheese and sour cream.

For a classic beef dish, why not try Rosie’s Braised Beef with Cheese and Horseradish cobblers? Rosie uses 1kg of diced braising steak and adds a glug of red wine to the beef, while the horseradish adds a zing to the cheese cobbler topping.

Or, take a trip back in time and prepare a traditional Oxtail Stew – especially good if you’re cooking on a budget.

Oxtail needs a little care when preparing and takes a long time to cook, to render it tender. It more than makes up for this though in its flavour, which is wonderfully rich and beefy. Find Rosie Dicker’s Oxtail Stew recipe in the recipe section on our website.

As you dive into Slow Cooker Month this January, make it a journey of culinary discovery. Experiment with different cuts, flavours, and textures, from savoury stews to tender roasts and let your slow cooker take the strain this January.

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