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So, the summer holidays have started, and the Prime Minister has announced all Covid-19 restrictions can finally be lifted just in time for us to be making the most out of it. Jumping on a plane to far-flung places around the globe may not be an option for many of you this year but nothing is stopping us all from seeking inspiration from foreign destinations and cooking up our favourite dishes at home.

Add in the long summer evenings and a slower pace of life, and there’s no excuse as to why we can’t bring a taste of the holidays home. Plus, when you buy from Lakings you can trust us to deliver unquestionable quality.

As the demand for ethically reared meat increases, accountability is vital, as is a traditional approach to farming, where the right amount of innovation is key. We are proud to say that is a combination our farmers are committed to.

We know the provenance of every cut we sell. We work closely with Lincolnshire and local farmers who supply our butchery with pork and beef, as well as raising our own flock of Beltex, Badger Face Texel, Rouge and Blue Du Maine sheep which go a long way to supplying us with the lamb you love.

The Herb-Fed chickens you’ll find gracing our counters are sourced from Edward Wilkinson’s farm in Yorkshire, where the birds are fed a unique herb-rich diet. The chucks also stay on the farm, in the sunshine and open air for six-eight weeks longer than your average bird – which changes not only the size of the chickens but the texture too.

Slowly, as a nation, we are moving towards the notion that buying better produce but less of it is the way to maintain a healthy and happy environment and farm. Our offering means you know exactly where and who your produce is coming, from so you can buy with confidence. Not only that, but our national next delivery service also means if you are travelling to a holiday home in the UK, you can order online and still enjoy Lakings products while you are away.

You can also rest assured, knowing your selection will arrive as fresh as the moment it left the shop as we use Woolcool – a revolutionary packaging solution, created by nature but driven by science. Woolcool insulation has been proven to keep contents packed at 1°c, chilled below 5°c for at least 24 hours.

So, are you ready to bring that holiday vibe home? We’ve selected a handful of dishes inspired by some of our favourite holiday spots. Which will you try this summer?

Cooking with Lakings Beef

Our beef comes from a herd of Lincoln Red bred with a continental bull on a farm which is five miles up the road from our Louth-based shop. The resulting meat from this herd offers all the marbling and flavour the Lincoln Red is known for with the texture and depth of the continental.

Meatballs (Italy)

Made from the finest beef chuck, our hand-produced mince promises to turn everyday meals such as meatballs into something extraordinary. Meatballs (or polpette) are usually enriched with a wide variety of ingredients such as parsley, eggs, garlic, and sometimes even mortadella or Parmigiano Reggiano. Serve with a rich tomato sauce and pasta as a delicious and easy meal.

Bitoque (Portugal)

Lakings steaks are prepared by our skilled team of butchers who can offer plenty of advice about which cut will suit your needs. We like the simplicity of Bitoque – a traditional Portuguese dish that consists of a lean fried steak that is usually accompanied by fries, rice, and various salads. Most commonly, it is enjoyed with tomato or mustard sauce and topped with a crispy fried egg.

Cooking with Lakings Lamb

Lakings’ award-winning breeds have been chosen to bring lamb-lovers the best in flavour, succulence and eating quality, making it the perfect choice for foodies.

Kleftico (Greece)

Bring the taste of Greece to your table by making a traditional dish like kleftiko. Typically prepared at festive events and celebrations, kleftico is an easy one-pot dish you can make using Lakings shanks of lamb. Bake marinaded lamb with chopped potatoes in an airtight dish on a low heat. Serve with red peppers, tomatoes, and feta cheese (and a glass of red).

Pollo al ajillo (Garlic chicken from Spain)

This simple Spanish dish known as pollo al ajillo consists of chicken pieces drenched in garlic sauce. The sauce is usually made with white wine, stock, garlic, and herbs such as bay leaves, thyme, and rosemary. It can be eaten as a main course or as tapas. For best results we recommend Lakings herb-fed chicken which offers unrivalled quality and flavour.

Braised pork and pineapple salsa

Our chef, Rosie Dicker, has created a tropical twist on the traditional Sunday roast using slow-cooked pork shoulder and ripe pineapple. It’s the perfect dish to whip up when you have company. Easy to execute and equally as impressive to serve to guests. Find Rosie Dicker’s recipe here.

All of the cuts to recreate these dishes are available from our Louth shop where our expertly trained staff are always on hand to help with your selection. Alternatively, order from our website, with next-day delivery available nationwide, Monday to Friday.

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