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Sustainability & The Environment

Conscious Decisions,

Carefully Considered

Making carefully considered choices to protect our beautiful countryside, support our Lincolnshire farmers and continue to be as sustainable as possible, is a commitment we are proud to dedicate much of our working time to.

Quality Lincolnshire meat, hand-picked local farmers

When it comes to food miles, we’re truly proud to say that all of our fresh red meat produce is sourced from Lincolnshire farms – even our Herb Fed chickens are only a hop, skip and a jump away in York. When it comes to our cooked and deli meats – such as a traditional Lincolnshire stuffed chine and baked hams – it’s all made on the premises. If it isn’t wrapped in branded packaging, we have made it or we can guarantee its responsible, local, source. If that isn’t looking after your food miles, we don’t know what is.

Eat better, eat less

We are continuously working with our hand-selected farmers, and on our own farm, factory and abattoir for that matter, to introduce as many green energy systems as possible. But so much of the work to reduce our impact on the environment, reconnect with nature and the countryside, comes down to how we all operate on a consumer level too. Working with farmers who also understand and support the ‘eat better, eat less’ idea is something we are very passionate about.

Free Next-Day Delivery On Orders Over £50*

*Applies to orders placed before 2pm, Monday - Thursday. Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Orders placed on Friday can be also be delivered next-day (Saturday) but are subject to a £9.95 fee.

We look after accountability, so you don't have to

When it comes to our operations, the family abattoir is also home to a mini solar farm, an invaluable source of energy which helps power a lot of the site’s output. Over on the farm, our pedigree sheep are reared outdoors, wandering the rolling hills of The Lincolnshire Wolds.

On the farm sustainability really comes down to the idea of eating better produce but less often. For us it’s about the accountability and provenance of food, understanding it and how far your impact as a consumer reaches. Choosing to spend more on quality produce, less often and realising what that spend actually contributes to – when it comes to animal welfare and quality of life – is vital for the sustainability of the farming industry as a whole.

Even our packaging is eco-friendly

Each and every one of our online orders is safely packed with WoolCool. A company built on sustainability, WoolCool utilises what is essentially a waste product of rearing sheep – wool. Totally compostable and biodegradable WoolCool packaging is completely ecologically-sound, helping us to protect our products in transit and the planet – it can even be put out in your garden for the birds to use as nesting material.

The UK’s largest all-electric delivery fleet

Delivering your WoolCool packaged orders will always be DPD. We have consciously decided to work with DPD on all our deliveries, not only for their reliability but because they are striving to be the greenest delivery company on the planet. They currently have more than 700 electric vehicles delivering across the country, a number which is always increasing as DPD works to build the UK’s largest all-electric delivery fleet.

  • One-in-ten vans now full electric
  • A million parcels a month now delivered by DPD EVs
  • Delivering via EV to 25 UK cities by 2025
  • Air quality monitoring
  • All electricity from sustainable sources
  • Plastic packaging made of 80% reclaimed material
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