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What three things do you need to host the perfect Bank Holiday Weekend barbecue?


Number one – sunshine.🤞

Number two – sausages.🌭

And number three – burgers.🍔


While we can’t guarantee the weather, we can say, without hesitation, our delicious sustainable and ethically produced barbecue range will help to make your gathering go off with a bang. Take our sausages, for example.

The main staple of most people’s barbecue repertoire is a sizzling Lincolnshire sausage. Yet not all sausages are created equal. Lakings Lincolnshire sausages are produced in our Louth shop using pork from a Red Tractor farm based in the Lincolnshire Wolds which has the highest animal welfare standards.

Our recipe is a closely guarded secret, but what we can tell you is that coarsely chopped pork is mixed with breadcrumbs, sage, salt, and pepper. But don’t take our word for it, foodies across the country can’t get enough of our sausages, as is reflected in the five-star reviews left by our happy customers on TrustPilot.

National Burger Day, Thursday, August 24

As if the Bank Holiday isn’t reason enough to grab one of our burger packs, National Burger Day is on the horizon. Falling on Thursday, August 24, just ahead of the three-day weekend, National Burger Day is the perfect opportunity to kick-start the long weekend and show off your burger-building skills. Now in its seventh year, it’s the perfect chance to try out new toppings, different combos and mix up your relishes.

Alternatively, let us do all the prep, while you take the credit. Choose our handmade burger patties, available as a pack of 12 which includes two Steak Burgers, two Pepper Steak Burgers, two Pork and Apple Burgers and two Lamb and Mint Burgers, each weighing in at an admirable 170g. These are no ordinary burgers. Made using offcuts from our steaks and roasting joints all our patties are succulent and juicy.

There’s also an array of recipe inspiration out there if you want to try some new combinations. Recreate an American feast by stacking our streaky bacon with your Lakings beef burgers.

Or perhaps you’re more of a fan of simplicity. Take a succulent quarter-pounder to impress diners, and add crisp salad, red onion, and tomatoes to keep the eating experience fresh. Just add a dollop of ketchup and voila – burgers cooked so well, you’ll never go back to anything else.

Want all of your barbecue food in one click?

Our online barbecue packs come in both small and family-size and include a range of our best-sellers like pork loin, steak burgers, Rib Eye steaks, sausages and pork spare ribs.

Our extensive and delicious barbecue range includes all the family favourites, as well as kebabs, grill sticks, steaks and spare ribs.

Impress with Slow Cooked Beef ribs or Beef Brisket

Finally, if you fancy something to serve alongside classics like burgers and sausages, our ambassador chef Rosie Dicker has created an easy Slow Cooked Beef Ribs recipe using just three key ingredients – red wine, soy sauce and garlic to make a deliciously sweet and sticky marinade.

The same marinade works equally well on our delicious brisket joint.

A firm favourite with barbecue pros, brisket boasts intense marbling which delivers real depth of flavour. The incredible savoury fat that only comes from Lincoln Red cattle, renders down during slow cooking to enrich the cooking juices – which make an incredible jus. Pull it apart for ultimate comfort food satisfaction.

Now all we need is for the weather to be on our side and deliver the sunshine!

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