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Valentine’s Day will be here soon – create the perfect three-course meal at home

With February approaching, will you be savouring the flavours this Valentine’s Day? Food is undoubtedly our love language and we know we’re far from alone on that one – why not keep the mood intimate with a three-course meal cooked at home with love?

Whether you’re indulging your partner or gathering for a Galentine’s gastronomic feast, at Lakings, we understand the importance of sharing exceptional moments with your loved ones. This year, let us help you create a memorable Valentine’s Day with a delightful three-course meal inspired by our exclusive recipe repertoire.

Starter – Tender Beginnings

Kickstart your culinary adventure with an appetiser that sets the perfect tone for the evening. A light, delicate starter will be the perfect precursor to your main course of choice. Think light bites and fresh salad greens to leave enough room for the main course masterpiece.

Main Course – Heartfelt Delicacies

For the main event, explore the richness of our Quality Lincolnshire Beef from steaks to stews, or savour our Succulent Chicken recipe ideas from a classic Chicken Dinner and simple Kievs all finished off with a side of locally sourced vegetables.

Dessert – Sweet Indulgence

Complete your romantic journey by creating a sweet conclusion to your three-course masterpiece. Whether you select a decadent chocolate fondue or a fruity finale palate cleanser, you decide.


Here are a few tips to tantalise those tastebuds and make those flavours unforgettable. Now you’ve invested in quality sourced ingredients, before you cook your meat make sure it is at room temperature to guarantee optimal flavour. Be sure to leave enough time to rest your cuts too, leaving meat to rest after cooking will release all those delicious juices for the most mouthwatering bites. Experiment with fresh herbs and spices to invigorate and infuse your dishes with international flavours and explore different tastes. Finally, don’t forget to set the scene with relaxing lighting, music to set the mood, a delectable dinner table spread and fantastic company, of course!

Don’t forget, we’re here to make this menu manifestation come to life with our simple and stress-free service, whether you’re visiting our shop for our expert advice handed down from generation to generation or ordering meat online for speed and convenience. Our website has a wide range of our speciality produce available which is always delivered fast and fresh, all wrapped carefully in eco-friendly packaging for your peace of mind.

Visit our shop to explore the finest cuts and ingredients needed to bring these recipes to life. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in creating a culinary masterpiece that will surely impress your significant other.

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with love and fantastic food with unforgettable flavours!

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