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Feeling a bit blue? Lethargic? Lacklustre?

You’re not imagining it. The January Blues is a well-documented phenomenon with our low mood mostly manifesting around the middle of the month. There are several reasons for this – a prolonged lack of sunlight, a depleted bank account after the Christmas spending, the feeling there’s not much to look forward to…

Yes, January is a major anti-climax. And of course, for the last couple of years, we’ve been living with the impact of a global pandemic. But there are things we can do to lift our mood and boost our natural immunity. We can take a hint from nature – be more bear – hibernate. Rest, recharge and recuperate.

Go outside for at least 30 minutes every day. A blast of the sun’s rays, even on a chilly day, can work wonders. Talk to friends and family, on the phone, via Zoom, or in-person and keep the conversations going. And finally, seek comfort in food. Food feeds the soul, and we are here to feed you.

Every product on our counter is fresh, British and always ethically sourced. We offer a foodie haven for those who are as passionate about their produce as where it comes from. Our meat is sourced locally from Lincolnshire farmers, so we tick the sustainability box. You can trust us to deliver on the ethics of meat production (part of feeling good about ourselves comes from the knowledge we are minimising our impact on the planet’s resources and nature) but rest assured, we also deliver on flavour and quality.

So, What To Eat?

Our favourite feel-good meals are wholesome, traditional favourites that offer health benefits, too. Like lamb hotpot topped with crispy, sliced potatoes. This recipe can be easily prepared ahead of time using our ready-diced grass-fed lamb. Ready in just 25-minutes once you’ve done the prep, comfort food doesn’t get much better than this. Why is lamb good for you? Grass-fed lamb is a source of immune-boosting minerals and vitamins including selenium, zinc, vitamin B and iron – all of which work to keep your body healthy.

File our next suggestion under ‘three birds, one stone’. Cook a roast herb fed chicken, packed full of flavour on Sunday, then boil up a bone broth soup made from the leftover carcass for later in the week. Simmering the chicken carcass for an extended period helps to extract minerals like selenium and zinc from the bones, making a really nourishing broth. It’s a great pick-me-up if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, too. And chicken and turkey contain serotonin – the brain’s happy hormone, so you can enjoy a trio of benefits.

Finally, our last suggestion is a teatime treat from our ambassador chef, Rosie Dicker. Try her Toad in the Hole recipe made using our Lincolnshire sausages. Serve with the ultimate comforting sides of creamy mash, roasted root vegetables and onion gravy.

These are just a handful of ideas we hope will inspire you to ‘eat yourself happy’ and keep the winter blues at bay. Visit our website to discover our full selection of products, online nationwide next-day delivery options and chef Rosie Dicker’s recipe ideas. We are here to help you eat well and feel good.

*If your mood doesn’t lift after a few weeks, or you feel like you’re struggling with your mental health, reach out to a family member or friend, have a chat with your GP, or seek help from a professional counsellor.  The Samaritans helpline operates 24-hours a day. Call 116 123.

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